Best types of Wood for Furniture Making in Pakistan

December 24, 2021

The types of hardwoods commonly used in Pakistan are deodar, teak, sateen, and white cedar. Deodar: Deodar is among the most common wood type in Pakistan. The wood of the Cedrus deodara tree gets from the northern region of Pakistan. Sindh Wood Works Enterprises was Working all over Pakistan. Sindh Wood Works Enterprises is the stunning platform of all types of Woodwork in Pakistan. People prefer to own luxury and comfortable furniture. Preferably, the hardwoods of walnut, cedar, teak, pine, softwood of pine fir, and hemlock for making furniture in Pakistan. The furniture industry has gained popularity in the past few years.

Teak wood for furniture

Teak wood is well-known for its strength and durability. It has a sealed wood grain and a high oil content, which protects it from harsh sunlight as well as damage from moisture and rain. In fact, it would not be wrong to describe it as one of the strongest hardwoods used in the manufacture of furniture and flooring. Sindh Wood Works Enterprises Teak wood is the best for making your furniture, and the price is reasonable, so visit our website!

Satinwood for furniture

Satinwood came from West and East Pakistan and was perfect for making furniture from about 1780 until 1810. It is a wood of a warm yellow color with a close grain that requires high polishing. It was primarily as a veneer used, but unless handled carefully by the cabinetmaker, it tends to split. Sindh Wood Works Enterprises has been making your furniture in a new modern style in Pakistan.

Cedarwood for furniture

All of our furniture is made of white Thuja occidentalis cedar, a type known for its beauty and durability. If left outdoors in its natural state, white rice will mature to a wonderful silver-grey color, but can also be stained with a color of your choice. Cedarwood is the best wood in Pakistan because Sindh Wood Works uses this wood to make our furniture and its prices are reasonable in Pakistan.

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